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Make sure that you never repair appliances on your own because you might end up breaking it even more. If you want to have your appliances repaired the right way, you should always consider hiring A Plus Appliance Care to do it. We are an appliance repair company that you can find in Laguna Niguel, CA. And if you plan on hiring us soon, you should know about our different services.

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Our Services

Appliance Repair Services

Appliance Repair Services

If you have any appliance that you need fixed, we will gladly accept it and make the necessary repairs. We will always give you an estimate on how long we can repair it and how extensive the repairs will be.


Most clients come to us when they need their refrigerators repaired. You should know that we have been repairing different types of refrigerators, and we also stay updated with the latest models to provide excellent repair services.
Heaters & Air Conditioners

Heaters & Air Conditioners

It can get annoying when your heaters and air conditioners malfunction. Even when you turn the dial to its max setting, it still won’t provide the necessary cooling or heating. Fortunately, you can call us right away so that we can fix them.
Ovens and Stoves

Ovens and Stoves

Keep in mind that fixing stoves and ovens can be a bit complicated, especially when those are the latest models. If you happen to have some broken, you should reach out to us at once! We will assure you that we can have them fixed so that you can cook food for your family!
Dishwashers and Dryers

Dishwashers and Dryers

We also provide repair services for dishwashers and dryers for clients. Like with any appliance, we always know about the latest models and brands so that it won’t be too difficult for us to diagnose and repair them.
Additional Repair Services

Additional Repair Services

If you can’t find the right service for your appliance, you can find other appliance care services that we can offer. Some of these include garbage disposal, trash compactors, furnaces, ice machines, and even commercial refrigerators!

Repairing an Appliance Is Not an Easy Job

We always tell our clients to never touch or disassemble their appliances because it might become even more complicated to do the necessary repairs. But no matter how complex the appliance is to repair, we have the best minor and major appliance repair experts that you can trust. Just make sure that you contact us at once so that your appliances do not break even more.

Client Testimonials

by Sonia B. on A Plus Appliance Care
An Appliance Repair Company I Can Trust!

When I had my microwave damaged due to my clumsiness, I frantically searched for anyone that could help me repair it. Luckily enough, I found them and quickly hired their small appliance repair services. I'm happy to state that they did an amazing job at fixing it right away. Definitely worth hiring again if ever my one of my appliances break!

Choose Us to Repair Your Appliances!

What makes us an ideal company to repair your appliances is that we have years of experience when it comes to handling different appliances. Whether you need commercial refrigeration repair services or dishwasher repairs, we will do our best to find whatever is broken and fix them using the right methods.

Other Areas of Operation

Do not fret about us not reaching your location because we have been expanding our services apart from our main area of operation. Some of these areas include:

  • Las Flores, CA
  • Laguna Woods, CA
  • Coto De Caza, CA
  • San Joaquin Hills, CA
  • Silverado, CA

Additional areas we serve are as follows:

  • Aliso Viejo
  • Anaheim
  • Costa Mesa
  • Dana Point
  • Fullerton
  • Huntington Beach
  • Irvine
  • Ladera Ranch
  • Laguna Beach
  • Laguna Niguel
  • Mission Viejo
  • San Clementine
  • San Juan Capistrano
  • Santa Ana

If you are ever living in one of these areas, hire A Plus Appliance Care at once! However, you should know that our main area of operation is around Laguna Niguel, CA. Simply call us if you ever need major or small appliance repair services from us!

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  • Appliance Repair Services
  • Refrigerator Repair
  • Heater and Air Conditioning Repair
  • Oven and Stove Repair
  • Dishwasher Repair
  • Dryer Repair
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Trash Compactors
  • Furnace Repair
  • Ice Machine Repair
  • Commercial Refrigerator Repair